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 Post subject: Art request (many OC options)
Post Posted: Apr 9th, '17, 01:36    

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Upon lurking through art shops I noticed that there are not a lot of them active, so I am hoping that my thread helps.

I saw that 5-10k was common for art pieces, but I have a higher budget too, so feel free to show me your examples and talk food points with me.

I have many OC's at this point. Several are D&D characters, then there are a few game-based characters, and even less characters that aren't really fleshed out, but more design-based OC's. I am open to getting commissions from any of them, so feel free to pick one you feel confident of drawing.

My D&D OC's:
- Laurella, a tiefling druid
- Mirian, a halfling cleric
- Mirigold, a halfling (celestial) warlock
- Mirith, a siren bard
- Mir(uil), a warlock who's race we would need to discuss in private

My game OC's:
- Lauriem, a goblin from World of Warcraft
- Lauriem, a humanoid from Fire Emblem: Fates
- Mirika, a hobbit from Lord of the Rings Online

- Mirinette, a human Miraculous Ladybug OC
- AP700, an android Detroit: Become Human OC
- Pokemon trainer, a human Pokemon OC

Find all their specific information in the next post!

Big dream commission:
A tavern filled with all my OC's and their companions (pets etcetera). I would be happy to supply a layout. Dependent of your skill we can talk nice prices here.

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 Post subject: Re: Art request (couple)
Post Posted: Apr 16th, '17, 00:25    






Please contact me for more information, I cannot do this one publicly. Their proportions are humanoid.

Lauriem (goblin)
Lauriem is a goblin from World of Warcraft, although I have to say I use her for D&D too. I made this post for my birthday including all references so far:

It points out some very important information, such as that you really must pay attention to that she has different proportions than humans do. Goblins are not just smaller humans, their bodies work differently. Luckily I did link to a rotating 3D model in the post so you can see a bit more. If you want more roleplay information, just let me know! I have a special D&D layout for her that I cannot post publicly, but could send you privately.

Lauriem (humanoid)
If you are familiar with Fire Emblem: Fates, I would not complain about art of her and Laslow.

Ideas I had so far:
- Lauriem and Laslow as a couple
- Lauriem and Laslow as combat partners (healer and sword fighter)
- Just Lauriem doing whatever suits the game theme

Lauriem is my custom avatar from the game, so she does not look like the regular avatar. She even wears a different outfit, namely the Onmyoji one. She is a healer, and she's a shy lass who blushes a fair amount. She's not oblivious though. Keep in mind these appearances:
- Hair is blue
- She wears a rose in her hair, you can make it a flower crown if you want to
- Her in-game appearance is young, but please draw her 20+

Lauriem's face
Lauriem's outfit
*1* *2* *3* *4*
Google is terrible for this, I had to make a ingame screenshots. Last one is with Laslow. Sadly I cannot rotate a character.

Because Laslow is an existing character I won't give anything on him, it would depend on if you want to do couple art in the first place. If you do want to, know I imagine their relationship rather fresh, so it's all clumsy and lovey. If you do insist on post-marriage content because you know the game, make sure Lauriem wears a blue ring. I am not actually sure what Laslow wears, I just know it is part of the S Support.

VERY USEFUL: this is what I put on my birthday wish list including every reference ever.

TBA, it just looked weird between characters who did have spoiler parts.

Some references would be
Reference 1
Reference 2
Goat image
I have an entire blog dedicated to my LOTRO characters.

Mirika is a hobbit of the Boffin family, which means she grew up with the Took and Baggins family. According to her diary she seems to fancy Frodo, but that's irrelevant. Ssh. It's a secret. She's a fierce guardian and a true adventurer, inspired by Bilbo's many stories of course. Just like any hobbit, she loves food more than anything in the world and values it more than coins. When venturing into the world, she will carry a spear and a shield and she is not afraid of getting hurt (she's a tank class so-to-say). Overly fond of wearing robes and dresses, especially if flowers are present, and rides a gorgeous white goat that she had been gifted after helping the dwarves in Moria. Oh, and she is part of a little music band as drummer.

Mirinette is literally a version of me as Ladybug (mostly because my cosplay was a custom outfit). I have some information here, but she is an appearance-based OC with hardly background, so it is all I can give you in regard to references, but maybe you'd like to do it cause you too like Miraculous Ladybug (and sorry the post was meant for my birthday):

If you are familiar with Detroit: Become Human, you may have recognized that this is the name of the standard household android. That is because this is only a variation on it, and it is based on me, cause I like to self insert into fandoms and I wanted to be an android. She has no roleplay background at all, but here's a reference and little info (though the post was meant for my birthday haha):

Pokemon Trainer
My trainer is just my gal in Pokemon Moon/Ultra Sun. She does not really have a roleplay background, I consider the game as pretty much canon. I have some references here in this post that was meant for my birthday:

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 Post subject: Re: Art request (couple)
Post Posted: Apr 16th, '17, 20:27    

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Hi, you are still looking for art?
here's 3 samples of mine:

http://mayeru.deviantart.com/art/Prize- ... -667391100

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 Post subject: Re: Art request (couple)
Post Posted: Apr 17th, '17, 01:29    

Heck, I didn't even get started! :qwhee: I am very fond of your examples, so I'd love to buy some from you! Also enjoy the llama badge!

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 Post subject: Re: Art request (many OC options)
Post Posted: Oct 17th, '19, 12:09    

I have made some major updates such as adding literally all my OC's to this. I have yet to add my D&D characters properly, but I have written down their races so you can decide if you're into that; I do have references of them that I can send you. I just need to make an organized post like I did for all my characters that are already added.

So yes, still very much interested in art! That never changed since I started this thread anyway.

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