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 Post subject: Re: Quest Tracking (records)
Post Posted: Oct 30th, '18, 04:21    

Akili Li
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(the higher the quest level, the fewer I can put on one post, because of the icon limit of the star difficulty. A funny sort of restriction)

#100 "A Hearty Gift" (Talking Birthday Card)

Given by King Kylian IV of Knuffel; :qstar: :qstar: :qstar: :qstar: ; grants Pink Blush
Angel Feather x10
Blue Guppy x100
Blue Rose x40
Book of Time x1
Goblin Ear x25
Laughing Gas x1
Pencil x250
Poison x1
Toilet Paper x1
330 FP

#101 " " ( )

Given by ; :qstar: :qstar: :qstar: :qstar: ; grants ( )




I am apparently on a quest. I do not remember taking a quest. I do not know who it is from. But when I went to Umiel to make happy pills and clicked the wrong thing and went to the quest item creation thing instead, Umiel was pretty sure I wanted Stomach Medicine.
1x Artichoke
40x Blue Macaw Feather
100x Cheese Sandwich
250x Fishbone
25x Mandragora
10x Mithril Ore
1x Spring Water
1x Valerian Leaf
360 :food:

... further investigation (going to the Castle) reveals that the King commanded this one. He hijacks the castle page and starts in on me. "You! Come here!" So that explains this.... but I don't know the name of the quest title or what he'll give me in return. Or how many stars it is.

Oh. He's going to give me a pacifier in blue iris.

Is the king calling me a big baby??

Finally finished that one. I got the Luna Pacifier in Blue Iris.

Anyone know more details about that quest at all?


I really don't remember how I ended up taking that one.

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