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 Post subject: [WIP] Official Quests Guide (anyone want to take over?)
Post Posted: Jan 2nd, '15, 20:58    

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Questina wrote:
Hello! Sorry, but Saloiq will not be working on the guide anymore. If you would like to update the guide in her stead, PM Ziaheart. :)


How You Can Help || Tips || Special Thanks

Click the banner to see a list of all quest rewards, sorted by NPC. (image heavy)

    Don't remember what you were questing for? Click here. (all text)

    Click here to see quests sorted by difficulty.

Image Image Image

Click here to see the latest wave of quests!*

Image Image Image

General Official Quest FAQ || Recipes and Objects || Material || Making Threads

Suggestions for this thread are welcome. Just PM me please. :)
Please tell me if I've misspelled something or made any other mistakes.

*Needs to be linkified

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 Post subject: Re: [WIP] Official Quests Guide
Post Posted: Jan 2nd, '15, 21:20    

Help Me Out

I need this information on these quests!

    editing here, need to be added

This is because I have no materials, and cannot complete quests on my own. :(

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 Post subject: Re: [WIP] Official Quests Guide
Post Posted: Jan 2nd, '15, 21:21    


    ImageGet a Knuffel from Knufftropolis and dig with it. (Wild knuffel cannot dig.) Feed and play with it as well to level it up so you can raise its digging level. You will eventually get a lot of materials that you can use or trade away.

    ImageCreate a thread in the Material Trades Forum to trade other users for material you need, once you’ve found or dug up a good amount of materials you don’t need.

    ImagePut the list of material you need and/or a link to your material trade thread in your signature – someone who has what you need may see it.

    ImageCreate an official quest thread in this forum (the Official Quests forum) to keep track of your progress. You never know – someone could decide to donate to you. However, begging threads are not encouraged.

    ImageYou are allowed to do official quests on your mule(s) if that mule was not created for the sole purpose of gaining items for your avatar. That means that if you create a mule just to do official quests on that mule, you are violating the KofK rules. If you already have a mule that you use for, say, item storage, you are allowed to complete official quests on that mule. This enables you to do two quests at one time.

Note: Expect each quest to take from days to weeks to months depending on the difficulty of the quest, luck, and how much Food you’re willing to spend on material.

If you have another tip you would like to add, feel free to post it or PM it to my secretary Saloiq. :)

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 Post subject: Re: [WIP] Official Quests Guide
Post Posted: Jan 2nd, '15, 21:22    

Special Thanks

Much thanks goes out to all who help/have helped with this thread! <3

[[Ayame]] for starting the thread and maintaining it by herself for so long
Ziaheart for maintaining the thread for so long
Saloiq for remaking & updating the guide
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 Post subject: Re: [WIP] Official Quests Guide
Post Posted: Jan 2nd, '15, 21:33    

General Official Quests FAQ

How many quests can I do at a time?
    You can only do one quest at a time. Take note of a quest's reward and difficulty before starting, because if you regret accepting a quest and quit it, you will not be able to try it again.

How do I start an Official Quest?
    Go to the Castle and click on an NPC. Click a quest and click through the text to accept it. Next to the option to accept the quest, there will be options to return later or to give up forever.

How do I create the object the NPC wants?
    Go to Umiel the Alchemist, and click "Make Quest Item". He will create the object out of materials and Food you collect. He will list the materials needed for your quest, how many you need, and how many you currently have there.

How long does it usually take to complete a quest?
    Quests can take anywhere from days to months to complete depending on what level of difficulty the quest is - the rarities of the materials required and the number of materials required - and how much Food you are willing to spend on materials.

Do I have to finish my quest quickly? How long is it available?
    There is no time limit for completing a quest, and they will always be available, even if an NPC gets a new quest. You will need to complete or quit the quest you are on to start a new one. However, if you quit a quest, it will not be available for you again.

How do I complete an Official Quest?
    After you have collected the materials Umiel told you to, go back to him and click "Make Quest Item". Then go to the Castle, and you will receive your reward.

How come I can't find a quest I see in this guide in the castle?
    They must be unlocked by completing another quest first (I call those "key quests"). There is also one quest, Mysterious Doll, that unlocks once you have completed 3 other quests.

Which quests are key quests?

How come I see some people doing multiple quests at the same time?
    You are allowed to use your mule(s) to complete official quests. However, as stated in the rules, creating a mule(s) with the sole purpose of gaining additional items for your avatar is not allowed. If users are found to be abusing their mule(s), the mule account(s) can and will be deleted, including all its items and Food, while the main account will incur warnings, or in the worst scenario, be banned.

*Need to be linkified

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 Post subject: Re: [WIP] Official Quests Guide
Post Posted: Jan 2nd, '15, 21:34    

Recipes and Objects FAQ

What is a "recipe"?
    The list of materials Umiel tells you to get so he can create your object.

Is the amount of Food required for each quest the same?
    No, but it is always between 210-400 FP.

What is an object?
    An object is what Umiel makes out of the material you gather and what you give to the NPC to receive your reward. Objects are not tradeable. (He calls them "quest items", but that's what we call the quest rewards, so we gave them another name. :P)

Another user and I are doing the same quest, but we need totally different material.
    The materials needed for quests are random; two people can be on the same quest but need different materials. The exception is materials that you only need 1 of, which are the same for all users.

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 Post subject: Re: [WIP] Official Quests Guide
Post Posted: Jan 2nd, '15, 21:39    

Material FAQ

What is material?
    Materials are the special items you give to Umiel to create the objects the NPCs want. They are not wearable and are only used for Official Quests. You can see all the materials you have by clicking the last box in the top row of your Wardrobe. If you hover over the box, you will see it says "Quest Material".

How do I get material?
    You can buy material from the Market and in the Material Trades forum (where you can also sell or trade it).

    You can use your Knuffel to dig for material at Candy Island. A FAQ on Knuffel's digging abilities can be found here.

    You can also get materials from doing the captchas that pop up randomly on the forums. They appear in the middle of the screen, and look like this. Click the right answer to receive a random material.

Will I still be able to see the captcha if I have a pop-up blocker on?
    Yes, because the captcha is not actually a pop-up, and should not be blocked by pop-up blockers.

I haven’t seen any captchas in days. Is something wrong with it, or is it just avoiding me?
    They are random, so it is possible to go for days without seeing any.

When will the option of fighting for material be available?
    It will be available when the art and coding for it is finished. This site is run by two people who are quite busy in real life. :)

How can I find material faster?
    Get more knuffels and dig with them more often. Level them up and assign their dig points so they are more likely to find material.

I can't find any of the material I need for my quest!
    Some materials can only be found in a certain element. For example, Air Rings can only be found in the Air region, High Plains. And of course the rarer material is, the harder it is to find.

Is there a list/pictures/list of rarities of all the material somewhere?
    Go here for a list of material, their pictures, and what type/category/rarity they are.

What are the different types/categories/rarities of material?
    From most common to least common: Prevalent, Common, Average, Uncommon, Rare.

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 Post subject: Re: [WIP] Official Quests Guide
Post Posted: Jan 2nd, '15, 21:42    

Threads FAQ

I want to make a buying/selling/trading thread for my materials.
Where should I put it?

    Threads dealing with the exchange of materials, be it buying, selling, trading, auctioning, or taking offers go in the Material Trades forum.

I want to make a quest thread keeping track of my progress on my Official Quest(s).
Where should I put it?

I want to make a quest thread keeping track of my progress in obtaining items for my avatar/Fairy Coins/Food. Where should I put it?

I have a question about Official Quests that isn't in the FAQ.
    Please ask your question in this thread and I will do my best to answer it. It may be added to the FAQ.

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 Post subject: Re: [WIP] Official Quests Guide
Post Posted: Jan 2nd, '15, 21:43    

Still Confused?

    Please ask your question in this thread and I will do my best to answer it! It may be added to the FAQ.

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 Post subject: Re: [WIP] Official Quests Guide
Post Posted: Jan 2nd, '15, 21:45    



Next: Write captions for all the unlockable quests.
Next: "Do" and write the open quests. (Just decline them all)

*Open a selling thread for rewards from them for people who regret declining key quests

*pondering - put the info on key quests in the first post?*


Spoiler: text & recipes for key quests
Object: Cooking Trophies

I thought a Cooking Contest would be a great entertainment for our sweet Kingdom citizens, and I would like to have nice-looking Cooking Trophies for the winners.

Would you mind visiting the Alchemist to ask for help creating some very special trophies? If you do me this favour, I would be glad to consider you a team member and give you this Heartpearl Necklace (Blue White).

1 x Blue Diamond
1 x Gold Ore, 12 x Poison
18 x Air Ring,
28 x Cottonwood Leaf
37 x Sweet Pea
310 FP


Object: Herbicide

I need Herbicide to get rid of some plants. A lot of herbicide to get rid of a lot of them.

Go to the Alchemist and ask him to create a lot of herbicide. It will be worth your time as I will give you these Glass Fairy Wings (Lime Green).

10 x Fire Orb
1 x Poison, 33 x Gryphon Claw, 1 x Book of Death, 1 x Darkness Potion
40 x Earth Ring
100 x Mountain Dew
240 x Bay Leaves
330 FP


Object: Straw Man

Look at you, weakling! How do you expect to protect this Kingdom?

I must create a Reserve Army to fight whatever enemies may come by surprise, but our Training Camp is lacking an Straw Man to train simple citizens like you in the art of sword.

I'm sure the Alchemist knows how to build an Straw Man, so be of some use and tell him to give you one. If you do, I may even give you this Luna Pacifier (Magenta).

20 x Blue Diamond
50 x Cobra Fang, 1 x TikiTaki Tribe Mask, 1 x Wuffel Skull
100 x Daruma Doll, 1 x Harpy Hair
200 x Ivy Leaf
450 x Paper Airplane, 1 x Weed, 1 x Wheat
360 FP


Object: Voodoo Doll

3 x Book of Water
8 x Koi
25 x Water Ring
35 x Robin Egg
50 x Twig
358 FP

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