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 Post subject: Official Quests Guide: Now IE Compatible! [Upd: 10/22]
Post Posted: Aug 20th, '09, 05:58    

Knuffel Moderator
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▲ A Guide ▼

Suggestions for this thread are welcome; just post or PM me. :]

Please tell me if I've misspelled something or made any other mistake.
Make sure to read the Official Quests Forum Rules
if you haven't already.

Please note that recipes are now on pages 3-14. Use the navigation post (second post)
to find stuff easily.

10/22: I took some time to spread out the guide to give them some more room to stretch. Some links are now broken. They will be fixed eventually. The landing pages and the links to the recipes from the individual NPC's menus should be in working order.

8/27: Astute user of this guide may have noticed that even more of the links are now wrong. This is due to the site-wide glitch of long threads which takes you a page or two before the post you've linked to. As this is a site glitch and not a problem with coding within the posts, there is nothing I can do to fix it. I will try to change the links so that at least the landing pages are correct, but that is all I can do.

3/18: To improve server performance, the preview images of avatar items have been moved to a smaller server. This means that the url of all these items have changed. Therefore, some of the images on this guide may be broken, in addition to the rating images. Some of the links are broken still, too. I'm trying my best to fix the codes as fast as I can; thank you for understanding.

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 Post subject:
Post Posted: Aug 20th, '09, 05:59    

Knuffel Moderator

How You Can Help || Special Thanks || Tips

Click to go to each FAQ post.
General Official Quests || Material || Recipes, Objects, & Fixed Items || Threads
New Knuffel || Stat Changes

Click to go to each NPC's quests & recipes.
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Zia is a bit obsessive so...
Click here to see recipes in the order they came out.
Click here to see recipes in the order of difficulty.

Click to see the list of Fixed Materials:
Order of Release || Alphabetical Order || By Rarity

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 Post subject: How you can help:
Post Posted: Aug 20th, '09, 06:01    

Knuffel Moderator
Got Recipes?

Please copy the recipe Umiel gives you (including the Food requirement), paste it, and post in this thread for the following quests:

    All new quests!

Food requirements are needed for all quests, new and old, if different from the range already specified in the thread.

This is to confirm how many Prevalent, Common, etc. materials are needed for each quest, as well as to figure out the range of Food needed and what the fixed item(s) is for each quest.

Please also make sure to post which quest it is, whether by posting what the quest item is, or the reward is, unless Umiel already has specified in the quote you've posted.

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 Post subject: Thank You
Post Posted: Aug 20th, '09, 06:02    

Knuffel Moderator
Special Thanks

Much thanks goes out to all who help/have helped with this thread! <3

    [[Ayame]] for starting the thread and maintaining it by herself for so long
    Chocolate Cosmos
    sheepish 92
    ryu desu
    Panda Bear

Please tell me if I missed you.

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 Post subject:
Post Posted: Aug 20th, '09, 06:03    

Knuffel Moderator
General Official Quests FAQ

How many quests can I do at a time?
    You can only do one quest at a time. I suggest reading through the recipes before starting a quest so you know the fixed items, reward, and difficulty, etc.

How do I start an Official Quest?
    Go to the Quests page and click on the picture that says "Go to the Castle". Then click on an NPC and accept the quest they propose.

How do I get to the Quests page?
    It is the fifth link on the top part of the linkbar, between "Trades" and "Fairy Coins".

I went to the Castle to get a quest from a certain NPC, but they weren’t there.
    Only three NPCs show up in the Castle at a time. If the one you want isn't there the first time, just leave the Castle and come back. You may have to do this a few times to find the NPC you want, since the NPCs that show up are random. Also, if you have finished all the current quests from an NPC, they will not show up in the Castle.

How do I create the object the NPC wants?
    Umiel, the Alchemist, will create the object out of materials and Food you collect.

How do I find out what material I need to complete my quest?
    On the Quests page, click on the picture that says "Go to the Alchemist". Then click the word bubble that says "I want to find out what material I need to fulfill the task given to me." Umiel will tell you the materials needed for your quest, and in what quantities.

How do I complete an Official Quest?
    After you have collected the materials Umiel told you to, go back to him and click the word bubble that says "I have collected all the material needed and want to have it turned into an object." Then go to the castle and deliver the object to the NPC that requested it to receive a reward.

Do I have to finish my quest quickly? How long is it available?
    There is no time limit for completing a quest, and they will always be available, even if an NPC gets a new quest. You will need to complete or decline the NPC's first quest to do a second from them. However, if you quit a quest you already accepted, or decline a quest by clicking the third option when an NPC asks if you will help them, that quest will not be available for you again.

How long does it usually take to complete a quest?
    Quests can take anywhere from days to months to complete depending on what level of difficulty the quest is, what materials are required, and how much Food you're willing to spend on materials.

How come I can't do a certain quest I see in this guide?
    Some quests have a prerequisite that you must fulfill before it becomes available to you. For example, the Hooded Stranger quest will only become available once you've completed at least three quests from other NPCs. For quests that do not have a prerequisite, you may have to leave the castle and return a couple of times before it becomes available. The administrators are currently working to update the Castle page to get rid of this inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

I went to the Castle but it said, "There are currently no quests available."
    You have either finished or declined (or a combination of both) all the current quests.

How come I see some people doing multiple quests at the same time?
    You are allowed to use your mule(s) to complete official quests. However, as stated in the rules, creating a mule(s) with the sole purpose of gaining additional items for your avatar is not allowed. If users are found to be abusing their mule(s), the mule account(s) can and will be deleted, including all its items and Food, while the main account will incur warnings, or in the worst scenario, be banned.

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 Post subject:
Post Posted: Aug 20th, '09, 06:05    

Knuffel Moderator
Material FAQ

What is material?
    Materials are the special items needed to create the objects the NPCs want. They are not wearable and are only used for Official Quests. You will need to gather the materials Umiel tells you to and return to him so he can turn them into the object the NPC wants.

How do I get material?
    Quest materials can be found all over the forums. When you find a material, a picture will appear in the middle of your screen that looks something like this, except with a different CAPTCHA test. The picture will stay in the middle of your screen even if you scroll, so it's not easy to miss. It may, however, (depending on your internet speed) take a few moments to load. Click it to receive your material.

    You can use your Knuffel to dig for material at the Digging Field. If you have a question about digging for material, try the FAQ. Additional FAQ on Knuffel with digging abilities can be found here.

    You can also buy, sell, trade, auction, and take offers on material in the Material Trades forum.

When will the option of fighting for material be available?
    It will be available when the art and coding for it is finished. Please be aware that this site is run by two students, so they have real-life things to do as well. You can check Firn's ToDo List and Starkad's ToDo List to see what they are currently working on and what they will be working on in the future.

Will I still be able to find material if I have a pop-up blocker on?
    When you find a material, it is not actually a pop-up, and should not be blocked by pop-up blockers.

Does finding material work for all browsers?

I haven’t found any material in days. Is something wrong with it, or does it just hate me?
    Finding material is random, so it is possible to go for days without finding any.

Is there a factor that affects my chance of finding material?

How can I find material faster?
    It's random. Please be aware that quests were originally set up to take months to complete.
    Now, they take around a few days to a month to complete.

I can't find any of the material I need for my quest!
    It's not likely that you will be able to gather all the material needed for a quest just by browsing and finding material. A more effective way to get the material you need would be to make a thread in the Material Trades Forum and buy materials from other users or trade material you've found that you don't need with users that have material you do need.

How much do materials cost? Is there a price guide?
    The Material Price Guide is now closed, due to lack of interest and assistance. The price tend to vary depending on the material, its rarity, and seller, so I suggest browsing the Material Trades Forum and looking at what people are selling them for to get an idea of their worth.

Where can I see that material I’ve found?
    To view all the material you have, go to the Quest Material tab in your wardrobe.

Is there a list/pictures/list of rarities of all the material somewhere?
    Go here for a list of material, their pictures, and what type/category/rarity they are.

What are the different types/categories/rarities of material?
    The types are Prevalent, Common, Average, Uncommon, and Rare.

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 Post subject: Recipes, Objects, & Fixed Items FAQ
Post Posted: Aug 20th, '09, 06:09    

Knuffel Moderator
Recipes, Objects, & Fixed Items FAQ

What is a "recipe"?
    The list of material Umiel tells you to get so he can create an object is sometimes referred to by users as a "recipe". When users refer to a recipe, sometimes they are including the Food requirement as part of the recipe, and sometimes they are not.

What is an object?
    Objects are the finished quest items Umiel makes out of the material you gather. They are the items you give to the NPCs to receive your reward.

Another user and I are doing the same quest, but we need totally different material.
    The materials needed for quests are random; that means two people can have the same quest but need different materials. The exception to this is the "fixed item."

What is a fixed item?
    A fixed item is a material that is always required for a certain quest. The fixed item is not usually the same for each different quest, but it can be. (For example, the fixed item for Scissors is always Morning Dew, but that isn't the same as the fixed item for Calmative. However, it is one of the fixed items for Hamster Medicine.) There may be more than one fixed item per quest, or there may be no fixed item at all.

Since we all need different material, wouldn't that make some users' quests harder
than others'?

    The number of Common, Average, etc. materials required is constant for each quest, to make it fair for everyone. However, it is possible to get a fixed material for the random material; in which case, it would indeed be harder than quest that only requires the regularly fixed material and no other fixed ones.

Is the amount of Food required for each quest the same?
    It is not constant, but please report them here so we can see if there's a range.

I'm confused about the recipes in this guide.
    See if this image helps. If not, just post your question or what you don't understand.

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 Post subject: Threads FAQ
Post Posted: Aug 20th, '09, 06:10    

Knuffel Moderator
Threads FAQ

I want to make a buying/selling/trading/auctioning/taking offers thread for my materials.
Where should I put it?

    Threads dealing with the exchange of materials, be it buying, selling, trading, auctioning, or taking offers go in the Material Trades forum.

I want to make a quest thread keeping track of my progress on my Official Quest.
Where should I put it?

    It should go in the Official Quests forum.

I want to make a quest thread keeping track of my progress in obtaining items for my avatar/Fairy Coins/Food. Where should I put it?
    It should go in the Personal Quests forum.

I have a question about Official Quests that isn't in the FAQ.
    Please ask your question in this thread and I will do my best to answer it. It may be added to the FAQ.

I have a suggestion for the FAQ/thread in general; or, I have found an error in the thread.
    Please post here or PM me. I want to make this thread as helpful as possible. Thank you to everyone who helps me with this!

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 Post subject: Tips
Post Posted: Aug 20th, '09, 06:15    

Knuffel Moderator

    ImageCreate an official quest thread in this forum (the Official Quests forum) to keep track of your progress. You never know – someone could decide to donate to you. However, begging threads are not encouraged.

    ImageBuy a Knuffel if you have the time to feed, play with, and dig with it. You will eventually get back more Food than you paid for it, plus a lot of materials that you can use or trade away.

    ImageCreate a thread in the Material Trades Forum to trade other users for material you need, once you’ve found or dug up a good amount of materials you don’t need.

    ImagePut the list of material you need and/or a link to your material trade thread in your signature – someone who has what you need may see it.

    ImageYou are allowed to do official quests on your mule(s) if that mule was not created for the sole purpose of gaining items for your avatar. That means that if you create a mule just to do official quests on that mule, you are violating the KofK rules. If you already have a mule that you use for, say, item storage, you are allowed to complete official quests on that mule. This enables you to do two quests at one time.

Note: Expect each quest to take from days to weeks to months depending on the difficulty of the quest, luck, and how much Food you’re willing to spend on material.

If you have another tip you would like to add, feel free to post or to PM me. :)

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 Post subject:
Post Posted: Aug 20th, '09, 06:17    

Knuffel Moderator

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