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 Post subject: Wild Knuffel Items : 200 FP - Updated 4/19
Post Posted: Jun 17th, '17, 01:02    

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Selling my spare wk items! 200 FP each :mchappy: Italicized items are the newest additions!
First come, first served, so please check to see if someone before you already chose the item. Inventory will be updated when I get bored - unsold items go off to market on my mule Anju, so check there for cheaper deals on old stuff!

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Items : 200 FP
Post Posted: Jun 17th, '17, 01:02    


◊Ceciel Knuffel Ribbon (Apricot, Bubblegum, Dark Blue, Ecru, Fire Orange, Gold, Gray, Light Blue, Light Green, Lilac, Plum, Red, Soft Blue, Violet, Yellow)
◊Claire Knuffel Top (Black, Bright Turquoise, Lavender, Sky Blue)
◊Cloud Knuffel Dress (Blue White, Light Green, Light Blue)
◊Corrupt Knuffel Top (Black, Claret, Cream White, Ecru, Lavender, Pink, Plum, Red, Silver, Soft Blue, Teal)
◊Fallox Knuffel Gloves (Black, Cream, Gray, Red)
◊Forest Shaman Knuffel Top (Beige, Blue White, Bright Green, Jade Green, Midnight Blue, Silver, Soft Blue, Teal, Violet)
◊Green Tea Knuffel Collar (Burgundy, Claret, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Light Pink, Orange, Turquoise)
◊Green Tea Knuffel Robe (Apricot, Black, Red)
◊Griffin Knuffel Dress (Aqua, Black, Blue Iris, Blue White, Bright Green, Cream White, Leaf Green, Maroon, Midnight Blue, Midnight Purple, Pink)
◊Hadna Knuffel Top (Apricot, Bright Green, Bubblegum, Cream White, Fire Orange, Lavender, Red, Sand Brown)
◊Kasasagi Knuffel Collar (Soft Pink, Violet)
◊Leilah Knuffel Dress (Aqua, Brown, Bright Green, Crimson, Indigo)
◊Morrigan Knuffel Dress (Apricot)
◊Tsuki Knuffel Top (Bright Green, Gray White, Lavender, Soft Blue, Topaz)
◊Widow Knuffel Dress (Bright Green, Bright Orange, Cold Gray, Gold, Ice Blue, Lime Green, Scarlet)

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Items : 200 FP
Post Posted: Jun 17th, '17, 01:09    

Head Stuff

◊Blanche Knuffel Hair (Apricot, Burgundy, Cream White, Crimson,, Emerald Green, Gray, Green, Leaf Green, Soft Blue, Multi, Red, Soft Blue, Tea Rose, Violet)
◊Blush Knuffel Hair (Azure Blue, Blue, Bubblegum, Ecru, Gray, Gray White, Light Pink, Pink, Red, Tea Rose)
◊Byron The Third Knuffel Hair (Beige, Bright Purple, Bubblegum, Burgundy, Claret, Cream, Cyber Yellow, Dark Blue, Emerald Green, Fire Orange, Gray White, Indigo, Lavender, Light Blue, Light Pink, Light Sand, Pink, Red, Sand Brown, Soft Blue, Soft Pink, Turquoise, Violet)
◊Ciela Knuffel Hair (Aqua, Blue White, Bright Purple, Claret, Coffee, Cold Gray, Cream, Cream White, Crimson, Dark Blue, Fire Orange, Gold, Gray, Gray White, Green, Jade Green, Leaf Green, Midnight Purple, Ocher, Sand Brown, Silver, Soft Ruby, Teal, Topaz, Turquoise, Yellow)
◊Deviangel Knuffel Halo (Azure Blue, Beige, Blue, Blue White, Bright Turquoise, Dark Blue, Emerald Green, Gold, Green, Jade Green, Leaf Green, Light Blue, Orange, Plum, Red)
◊Ghostly Knuffel Hat (Azure Blue, Blue Iris, Blue White, Bright Turquoise, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Fire Orange, Gold, Gray White, Midnight Blue, Pink, Plum, Red, Sand Brown, Soft Blue)
◊Harlequin Knuffel Hair (Blue Iris, Blue White, Bright Orange, Bright Purple, Brown, Cream, Dark Blue, Ecru, Emerald Green, Indigo, Light Pink, Magenta, Maroon, Plum, Red, Sand Brown, Sky Blue, Soft Blue, Tea Rose, Topaz)
◊Koipan Knuffel Hat (Lavender, Orange, Pink, Red)
◊Leilah Knuffel Hair (Apricot, Azure Blue, Blue Iris, Bright Green, Dark Blue, Fuchsia, Gold, Light Blue, Light Pink, Light Sand, Lilac, Lime Green, Plum, Teal)
◊Muerta Knuffel Hat (Beige, Black, Claret, Coffee, Cream, Dark Blue, Gray, Light Blue, Light Sand)
◊Patty Knuffel Hair (Blue, Ecru, Gold, Ice Blue, Jade Green, Leaf Green, Lime Green, Periwinkle, Sand Brown, Scarlet, Silver, Soft Pink, Turquoise, Teal, Yellow)
Rise Knuffel Headband (Cream White)
◊Taurus Knuffel Hat (Black, Cold Gray, Cream White, Emerald Green, Lavender, Light Pink, Red, Violet, Yellow)
◊Tiel Knuffel Hair Extensions (Apricot, Aqua, Azure Blue, Black, Blue Iris, Blue White, Bubblegum, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Pink, Emerald Green, Lavender, Leaf Green, Light Green, Lilac, Ocher, Pink, Soft Pink, Tea Rose, Teal)
◊Toy Knuffel Headpiece (Blue Iris, Blue White, Claret, Cream, Green, Midnight Blue, Red)
◊Unicorn Knuffel Hair (Blue White, Bright Turquoise, Bubblegum, Dark Blue)
◊Yuki No Kitsune Knuffel Hair (Black, Blue White, Bright Orange, Bright Purple, Bubblegum, Cream, Emerald Green, Lavender, Light Blue, Magenta, Ocher, Plum, Rose Gold, Royal Purple, Topaz, Violet)

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Items : 200 FP
Post Posted: Jun 17th, '17, 01:15    


◊Adeline Knuffel Hair Ribbons (Lavender)
◊Airi Knuffel Clip (Bright Green, Dark Pink, Fire Orange, Soft Pink, Violet)
◊Black Phoenix Knuffel Clip (Black, Claret, Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Pink, Light Sand, Red)
◊Blake Knuffel Necklace (Leaf Green)
◊Blanche Knuffel Tiara (Bright Turquoise, Bubblegum, Light Pink, Light Sand, Midnight Blue, Red, Sand Brown)
◊Blutbuche Knuffel Eyepatch (Beige, Blue, Bubblegum, Burgundy, Coffee, Cream, Cream White, Indigo, Lavender, Light Blue, Light Green, Red, Sky Blue, Turquoise)
◊Cheshire Cat Knuffel Hairclip (Black, Blue Iris, Bubblegum, Cold Gray, Cream, Cream White, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Emerald Green, Fire Orange, Lavender, Light Green, Light Pink, Magenta, Soft Pink, Turquoise, Violet, Yellow)
◊Claire Knuffel Wristlet (Blue, Emerald Green, Green, Lavender, Light Sand, Ocher)
◊Cloud Knuffel Hair Leaves (Bright Green, Emerald Green)
◊Drago Knuffel Hairclips (Crimson, Fire Orange, Lime Green, Light Pink, Brown, Coffee, Aqua, Pink, Red, Apricot, Bright Turquoise, Leaf Green, Indigo, Midnight Blue)
◊Drakerin Knuffel Necklace (Red, Claret, Light Green])
◊Goldeelox Knuffel Clip (Apricot, Fire Orange, Light Pink, Light Blue)
◊Green Tea Knuffel Clip (Leaf Green, Light Sand)
◊GuMiHo Knuffel Mask (Light Pink, Midnight Blue, Light Green, Dark Blue, Black, Emerald Green, Sky Blue)
◊Julie Knuffel Clip (Sand Brown, Bright Turquoise, Gold, Fuchsia, Fire Orange, Cream White, Jade Green, Aqua)
◊Kiyo Knuffel Earrings (Cyber Yellow, Beige, Dark Pink, Lavender, Green, Turquoise)
◊Kumi Knuffel Hairclip (Dark Pink, Maroon, Plum, Midnight Blue, Cream, Yellow)
◊Little Blue Knuffel Tiara (Fire Orange)
◊LoliSweet Knuffel Ribbon (Bubblegum, Cream, Soft Pink)
◊Ma Knuffel Hairclip (Midnight Blue, Turquoise, Dark Brown, Cold Gray, Magenta, Light Blue, Bright Green, Lavender, Coffee, Dark Pink)
◊Mary Knuffel Brooch (Cool Gray, Blue, Midnight Blue, Dark Pink, Blue White, Yellow, Bright Green, Apricot, Plum, Teal, Fire Orange, Maroon, Soft Pink, Beige, Brown, Turquoise)
◊Marzipan Knuffel Necklace (Bright Turquoise, Black, Apricot, Lavender, Cream, Blue, Magenta, Sand Brown, Blue Iris, Indigo)
◊Melona Knuffel Tiara (Blue White)
◊Morrigan Knuffel Clip (Yellow, Cream White, Light Pink, Leaf Green, Turquoise, Indigo)
◊Mumienmann Knuffel Bandage (Light Green, Light Pink, Coffee)
◊Pamina Knuffel Tiara (Dark Blue)
◊Patty Knuffel Clip (Bright Turquoise, Burgundy, Orange, Bright Green, Green, Light Blue)
◊Pegasus Knuffel Feather (Blue Iris, Dark Blue, Leaf Green, Light Pink, Jade Green, Brown, Bright Green, Gold, Violet, Dark Brown, Lavender)
◊Ser Drin Knuffel Clip (Topaz, Beige, Bright Green, Gray White, Cyber Yellow, Gray, Midnight Blue, Violet)
◊Seraphim Knuffel Hairclips (Lavender, Magenta, Ice Blue, Gold, Blue White, Lilac, Black, Sky Blue, Blue Iris, Bright Turquoise, Midnight Blue, Red)
◊Silvan Elf Knuffel Tiara (Soft Pink, Fire Orange)
◊Thetis Knuffel Earrings (Coffee)

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Items : 200 FP
Post Posted: Jun 17th, '17, 01:17    

Hand Items

◊Endora Knuffel Trident (Dark Pink, Lavender, Yellow, Pink, Light Green, Ice Blue, Green, Bright Orange, Cold Gray, Apricot, Aqua, Azure Blue, Beige, Black, Blue Iris, Bright Purple, Bubblegum, Light Blue, Midnight Purple, Periwinkle, Sand Brown)
◊Temperiorum Priest Knuffel Staff (Black, Mocha, Orange, Fire Orange, Magenta, Sand Brown, Cream White, Light Green, Blue White, Fuchsia, Indigo, Light Sand, Turquoise)

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Items : 200 FP
Post Posted: Jun 17th, '17, 01:22    

Body Parts

◊Agate Knuffel Wings (Burgundy)
◊Aurora Knuffel Tail (Apricot, Violet)
◊Aurora Knuffel Wing (Dark Blue, Cream White, Bright Berry, Dark Pink)
◊Betula Pendula Knuffel Horns (Sand Brown)
◊Blake Knuffel Facepaint (Dark Pink, Beige, Fire Orange, Bright Turquoise, Light Green, Yellow, Gray White)
◊Blutbuche Knuffel Wings (Emerald Green, Soft Pink, Dark Blue, Claret, Red, Apricot, Soft Blue, Lavender, Light Sand, Gray, Blue White, Coffee, Cream, Indigo, Light Pink, Gray White)
◊Bunni Knuffel Ears (Light Green, Cream White, Sky Blue)
◊Capricorn Knuffel Horns (Bright Purple, Pink, Light Blue, Sand Brown, Turquoise, Blue, Light Green, Black, Blue White, Light Sand, Cream White)
◊Capricorn Knuffel Tail (Fire Orange, Beige, Black, Dark Blue, Cream White, Burgundy, Lavender, Gray White, Light Pink, Midnight Purple, Claret, Gray, Indigo)
◊Cheshire Cat Knuffel Eyes (Bright Green, Yellow, Royal Purple, Dark Brown, Sky Blue, Gold, Jade Green, Cold Gray, Scarlet, Blue Iris, Leaf Green, Dark Blue, Lilac, Azure Blue, Claret, Crimson, Light Green, Periwinkle, Fire Orange, Fuchsia, Gray White, Bright Purple, Burgundy)
◊Claire Knuffel Ears (Claret, Light Pink, Dark Brown, Soft Blue)
◊Dolce Knuffel Antlers (Claret, Ocher)
◊Dolce Knuffel Ears (Light Sand, Bright Purple, Cyber Yellow)
◊Drakerin Knuffel Horns (Yellow, Cream White, Blue White, Dark Pink, Soft Pink, Denim, Apricot, Fire Orange)
◊Drakerin Knuffel Wings (Bubblegum)
◊Eat Me Knuffel Facepaint (Sand Brown, Red, Cream White, Gold)
◊Elven Knight Knuffel Facemark (Cream, Bright Purple, Bright Orange)
◊Ethaniel Knuffel Wings (Turquoise, Aqua, Blue Iris, Bright Orange, Tea Rose, Teal, Emerald Green, Lavender, Bubblegum, Dark Brown, Violet)
◊Felisneon.b Knuffel Eyes (Blue White, Red, Burgundy)
◊Fen Knuffel Ears (Beige, Lavender, Dark Brown, Gray, Bright Purple)
◊Frawst Knuffel Wings (Indigo, Soft Pink, Dark Blue, Fire Orange, Brown, Cream, Cream White, Midnight Blue)
◊Gabriel Knuffel Headwings (Beige, Cream, Gray)
◊Guardian Of Time Knuffel Wings (Soft Blue)
◊Gumdrop Knuffel Wings (Lavender, Soft Pink, Gray, Soft Blue, Ocher, Coffee, Cream White, Emerald Green, Turquoise, Violet, Midnight Purple, Orange, Black, Sand Brown)
◊Hadna Knuffel Ears (Bright Green, Light Sand, Fire Orange)
◊Hunny Knuffel Horns (Aqua)
◊Ink Knuffel Tail (Soft Pink, Claret, Tea Rose, Black, Topaz, Red, Cream, Teal)
◊Lolisweet Knuffel Eyes (Bright Turquoise, Fire Orange, Bright Green)
◊Opalise Knuffel Horns (Denim, Indigo, Sky Blue)
◊Punky Knuffel Eyes (Beige, Teal, Burgundy, Gold, Light Blue, Light Green, Mocha, Maroon, Brown, Cold Gray, Silver, Sky Blue)
◊Punky Knuffel Lips (Apricot, Gold, Azure Blue, Sky Blue, Midnight Blue, Bright Turquoise, Indigo, Teal, Violet, Bright Green, Bright Purple, Cyber Yellow, Fire Orange, Gray, Topaz)
◊Red Panda Knuffel Ears (Orange, Soft Blue, Dark Blue, Brown, Light Pink, Yellow, Midnight Blue)
◊Ryuu Knuffel Horns (Dark Pink, Cream White, Fire Orange, Light Green, Midnight Blue, Bubblegum, Fuchsia, Dark Brown, Royal Purple, Apricot, Blue Iris, Bright Turquoise)
◊Sen Knuffel Ears (Gold, Blue White, Tea Rose, Plum, Fire Orange, Gray White, Silver, Violet, Cyber Yellow, Jade Green)
◊Ser Drin Knuffel Tail (Cream White, Pink, Red, Lilac, Maroon, Scarlet, Blue White, Bright Turquoise)
◊Skotos Knuffel Eyes (Coffee, Midnight Blue, Light Blue, Gray White, Orange, Azure Blue, Blue, Soft Pink, Pink, Beige, Gray, Claret, Blue Iris, Emerald Green, Sand Brown, Turquoise, Yellow, Dark Brown, Lilac, Teal)
◊Snow Leopard Knuffel Tail (Cream White, Cream, Midnight Purple, Black, Bubblegum, Midnight Blue, Light Pink, Pink, Sand Brown, Violet)
◊Sundrop Knuffel Wings (Green, Bright Turquoise, Lavender, Cream, Sky Blue, Coffee, Claret, Midnight Blue, Dark Pink, Bubblegum, Dark Blue, Burgundy, Pink, Orange)
◊Tegg Knuffel Horns (Brown, Bright Green, Rose Gold)
◊Unicorn Knuffel Wings (Brown, Claret, Midnight Blue, Bright Green)
◊Wingea Knuffel Eyes (Claret, Blue Iris, Brown, Gray, Lavender, Dark Brown, Light Sand, Apricot, Soft Blue, Plum, Dark Pink, Green, Bright Turquoise, Lavender, Lilac, Ocher, Fire Orange, Periwinkle, Sky Blue, Lime Green, Bright Green)

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Items : 200 FP
Post Posted: Jun 17th, '17, 01:23    


◊None in existence yet but I'm still hoping!

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Items : 200 FP
Post Posted: Jun 17th, '17, 01:23    

Background Stuff

◊Felisneon.b Knuffel Glow (Bubblegum, Blue White, Fire Orange, Dark Pink, Violet, Bright Turquoise, Light Blue, Midnight Blue, Sky Blue)
◊Phantom Kimono Knuffel Signs (Gray, Lilac, Light Blue, Ecru, Cold Gray, Aqua, Claret, Lime Green, Dark Pink, Fuchsia, Ice Blue, Light Sand, Red, Crimson, Leaf Green, Midnight Purple, Ocher, Beige, Black, Bright Turquoise, Coffee, Cool Gray, Emerald Green, Green, Pink, Royal Purple, Teal)

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Items : 200 FP
Post Posted: Jun 17th, '17, 01:24    

For Anything Else I Might Need

◊ If you trade for caravan items in my buying thread, you get a free bonus WK item!

Laziness sale! Guess any item not on the list and get it for half price.

◊ Punky Knuffel Lips (Blue White, Blush) for Haze

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Items : 200 FP
Post Posted: Jun 17th, '17, 01:24    

~And We Are Open!~

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