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Digging for pastries
to feed the Wuffel 14%  14%  [ 3 ]
and fill the gauge 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
and get the prizes 9%  9%  [ 2 ]
Halloween Knuffel! 23%  23%  [ 5 ]
:food: 55%  55%  [ 12 ]
Total votes : 22
 Post subject: Selling Diggers for the Event -OVER
Post Posted: Oct 27th, '18, 20:15    

Akili Li
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This thread will close once the Halloween event is over, but if the ones I've listed sell out then I'll add more for as long as it goes on.

EVENT IS OVER! Thread closed. (can be locked!)

Level 100 (maxed) knuffels, for sale. (since you can abandon them to Knuffeltropolis for 10k :food: I am setting the price at 12k :food: so that people aren't just buying them and dropping them)

^ She is leveled up in the WATER element! Not earth! ^

^ Leveled up in Earth element ^

^ Leveled up in Earth element ^

(reminder: room items don't trade with the knuffel, so you just get the knuffel, not whatever all might be in their rooms)

If you want, instead of food you can also offer to trade for another (presumably non-maxed, but it doesn't really matter) knuffel. NOT ACCEPTING WILDS.

if you have an older gen knuffel, I might trade MORE THAN ONE maxed knuffel for it If it's a really old knuffel, I will dig out more of mine so that you can have a whole bunch.

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