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a summer baby for me to adopt?
i have one (or two) for you 17%  17%  [ 3 ]
nope 83%  83%  [ 15 ]
Total votes : 18
 Post subject: Summer Knuffel '18 (Female & Male)
Post Posted: Oct 16th, '18, 07:26    

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i missed out on them cause i wasn't here for the event :mccry:

idk how to stick a value on them, but because they're fairly recent, i'm thinking 32k for each? you can try bargaining for a different price.

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Stroctoperry wrote:
Because KofK trumps homework, for some reason.
Death Candy wrote:
I just realized that "take out" means food, dating, and murder. And if you were a female praying mantis you'd have all three.
Akili Li wrote:
People talk about bravery in these super dramatic terms like it only applies to soldiers going to war, but for all that I think true courage is found in the hard every day moments of social interaction and standing up for what you believe in even when it's not life-or-death, when it's instead a matter of approval-or-ostracization among people whose opinions you care about. That's harder, to my mind. That's an ongoing, you have to live with it forever thing, instead of one single moment that's the exception instead of the rule.

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