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 Post subject: Random Stuff
Post Posted: Jun 21st, '11, 19:15    

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Please state your price for anything you might want to sell.
You may also want to visit my selling thread in case you're interested in a trade.

As for knuffel trading I'm looking to trade between similar gens, generally +/- 2 but we can work something out to make it fair for both of us.

The list on the fifth post are items I'm still missing to complete my MT collection
so am interested in all of these too.

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Looking for the following knuffel:
Halloween 2014

Butterfly lair leadband

 Post subject: Re: B>FC & (current) MT/TT item.~
Post Posted: Jun 21st, '11, 19:17    


- Sky Set
(Armwarmers, Sash, Headpiece, Ribbon, Brooch, Eyes, Curtain)

- Oktoberfest Items
(Top, Freckles)

- Artemis Items
(Bow, Circlet, Deer)

-Neat Nurse Items
(Dress, Hair, Patch, Pills, Syringe)

- Shiva Items
(Eyes, Skin)

- Cancer Items
(BG, Eyes, Lips, Pet)

- Hippocampi Set
(Top, Wings, Tail, Headwings, Ears, Background)

- Peridot Items
(Hair, Eyes)

- Autumn Flowers Items
(Collar, Long Hair, Robe, Sash, Wristlet)

- Leaf Items
(Dragon, Robe, Wings)

- Water Spirit Items
(Original Top, Hair, Ears, Fins, Skin, Tail, BG)

- Leo Items
(BG, Ears, Nose, Robe, Sign)

- Molly Items
(Hair, Headpiece)

- Cherubim Items
Original (Eyes, Lower Wings, Pet, BG)
Top (Azure Blue, Blue White, Cool Gray)
Hair (Azure Blue, Blue White, Cool Gray)
Halo (Beige, Blush, Gold)

- Pisces Items
BG, Bubbles, Sign
Eyes (Normal, Black, Violet, Magenta, Emerald Green)
Lips (Black, Violet, Magenta, Emerald Green)
Tail (Normal, Violet, Magenta, Emerald Green)

- Bride To Be Items
Tops (Jade Green, Leaf Green, Lime Green, Bright Green)
Hair (Blush, Cream, Blue Iris, Gray White)
Veil (Black, Blue White, Gray White, Cream White)
Rose Arch (Jade Green, Leaf Green, Lime Green, Bright Green)

- Lady Bonheur Items
Dress (Tea Rose, Blue White, Black)
Veil (Lilac, Tea Rose, Blue White, Black)
Eyes (Lilac, Tea Rose, Blue White, Black)
BG (Tea Rose, Blue White, Black)

- Vintage Rose Items
BG (Dark Pink, Magenta, Maroon, Plum)
Headpiece (Dark Pink, Magenta, Maroon, Plum)
Necklace (Dark Pink, Magenta, Maroon, Plum)

- Winter Wonderland items
BG (All colors)
Scarf (Fuchsia, Blue Iris, Bright Green, Beige, Midnight Blue)
Cocoa (Fuchsia, Blue Iris, Bright Green)

- Sunrise Items
BG (Lilac, Maroon)
Dress (Light Green, Lilac)
Hair (Light Green, Lilac, Maroon)

- Aphrodite Dove Set
(All colors)

- Los Muertos Set
(All colors)

- Piratesse (Mini-)Set
Mini-set (All colors)
Original Set (Top, Hair, Hairclip)

- Rukai Set
(All colors)
(Have: Hair in Mocha, Headgear in Midnight Blue)

- Unicorn Items
Eyes (Original, Yellow)
Horn, Tattoo

- Aquarius Sash
(Aqua, Tea Rose, Bright Purple, Midnight Blue)

- Magic Macy Dress
(Black, Dark Pink, Azure Blue, Lime Green)

- Nadia Glasses
(Gray White, Light Pink)

- Runefighter Runes
(All Colors)

- Candy Queen Hair
(All Colors)

- Eardniv Lips
(All Colors but Silver)

Indian Dream Tiaras
(All Colors)

- The King Capes
(Claret, Maroon, Mocha, Periwinkle)

- Angelica Extensions
(Tea Rose, Maroon)

- Qarinah Top
(All Colors)
(Have: Plum)

- Eardniv Hair
(Red, Aqua, Silver, Turquoise, Light Pink, Bright Green)

- Sakura Background
(Gold, Black, Claret, Fuchsia, Perwinkle, Aqua, Dark Pink, Lime Green)

- Angel Background

- Starry Sky Background

- Meadow Background

- MGATW Background

- Trumpet Vine Tattoo

- Kittycat Tattoo (Black)

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 Post subject: Re: B>FC & some items.x)
Post Posted: Jun 21st, '11, 19:18    


- Monthly Troth Tent
August Tiara (Aqua)
April Flower Clip (Gray White, Lilac, Violet)
April Ruffle Top (Indigo, Light Green, Soft Blue)
April Rufflebow (Mocha)
August Ruffle Collar (Dark Pink, Gray White, Light Green)
August Plush Bunny Ears (Ecru, Gold, Lavender, Light Blue, Light Pink, Mocha, Red, Turquoise)
December Candy Cane (Aqua, Blue, Light Green, Scarlet)
December Caramel Apple (Crimson, Gold, Light Green, Lime Green, Magenta, Mocha)
December Moon Tiara (Claret, Cream White, Midnight Blue)
December Hairbun (Plum)
February Flower Stole (Aqua, Beige, Cream White, Teal, Yellow)
February Bouquet (Black, Lavender, Gray White, Periwinkle)
February Pocket Watch (Cyber Yellow, Gold, Lavender, Silver)
February Shopping Bags (Bright Green, Gray, Magenta, Maroon, Orange, Violet)
January Flower Headphones (All Colors)
January Hamster (Orange)
July Hairbun (Light Sand, Magenta)
July Microphone (Midnight Blue, Plum)
July Swearing (Cream White)
July Wand (Jade Green, Periwinkle)
July Braided Extension (All Colors)
June Headpiece (Fuchsia, Soft Blue)
June Heart Neckribbon (Light Pink)
March Coat (Blue Iris, Midnight Blue, Teal)
March Kinchaku (Plum, Scarlet)
March Magic Staff (Cream White, Light Pink, Light Sand)
March Pin (Crimson, Dark Blue, Emerald Green, Violet)
May Popsicle (Maroon)
May Striped Shirt (Beige, Mocha, Scarlet)
November Arm Ribbon (Aqua, Plum, Teal, Coffee)
October Dotted Necktie (Green)
October Dotted Balloon (Royal Purple)
September Love Ruffle (Blue, Bright Purple, Emerald Green, Light Blue

- Candy Caravan
Curvy Armwarmers
Cream White
Fire Orange
Tea Rose

- Summer '15 items
Bikini (Indigo, Fuchsia)
Hair (Red, Ecru, Mocha)
Hairclip (Indigo, Fuchsia)
Lei (Plum, Fuchsia)
Sunglasses (Plum)
Drink (Mocha)
Sea Turtle (Light Green)
Garland (Red, Plum)

- Summer '14 items
Sunflower Top (Gold, Blue Iris)
Sunflower Hat (Blue Iris)
Sunflower Ring (Gold)
Sunflower (Gold, Blue Iris)

Dahlia Dress (Violet)
Dahlia (Violet, Light Pink)
Dahlia Wings (Violet, Light Pink)

- Spring '14 items
Periwinkle (Bouquet, Overshirt, Tiara, Top)
Tea Rose (Bouquet, Earrings, Overshirt, Tiara, Top)

- Spring '16 items
Mocha / Aqua (Apron, BG, Hose)
Claret / Soft Blue (Apron, Hose)

- Spring '18 items
Rabbit Mask (Aqua, Lime Green, Soft Ruby, Maroon)
Suit (Lime Green, Soft Ruby, Maroon)
Mask (Lime Green)
Male Hair (Aqua, Lime Green, Soft Ruby, Maroon)
Dress (Lime Green)

- Winter '10 Items
Armwarmers (Red, Dark Pink, Yellow)
BG (Black, Green)
Earrings (Red, Dark Pink, Yellow)
Mask (Red, Dark Pink, Yellow)
Glasses (Yellow)
Hair (Yellow)
Headpiece (Red, Dark Pink, Yellow)
Horns (Red, Yellow)
Ring (Yellow)
Staff (Dark Pink, Yellow)
Wings (Red, Dark Pink, Yellow)

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 Post subject: Re: B>FC & some items.x)
Post Posted: Jun 21st, '11, 19:19    

Note: I'm also buying the digging items I'm still missing

Digging Trade

Darkness Coat, Darkness Hair Extension, Darkness Hairclip, Darkness Jewel, Darkness Spell, Darkness Sign, Darkness Frame, Earth Coat, Earth Sash 1, Earth Hair Extension, Earth Hairclip, Earth Jewel, Earth Frame, Fire Eyepatch 1, Fire Jewel, Light Coat, Light Sash 1, Light Hair Extension, Light Ribbon, Light Jewel, Light Frame, Water Coat, Water Sash 2, Water Hair Extension, Water Eyepatch 1


Earth Hairclip 2, Water Hairclip 2

Knuffel Trade

Doughnight Knuffel 2011, Anniversary Knuffel 2017
Fire Gen 14
Water Gen 15
Air/Light Gen 16
Air Gen 17
Darkness Gen 18
Light Gen 20


Gen 1
Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Light, Water

Gen 2
Earth, Fire, Light, Water

Gen 3
Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Water

Gen 4
Air, Darkness, Earth, Light, Water

Gen 5
Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Light

Gen 6
Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Light, Water

Gen 7
Darkness, Earth

Gen 8
Air, Earth, Water

Gen 11

Gen 12
Water, Light

Gen 13

Gen 15
Fire, Light

Gen 16

Halloween Knuffel 2014

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 Post subject: Re: B>FC & some items.x)
Post Posted: Jun 21st, '11, 19:20    


- Angel Set
BG, Headwings, Earrings, Top, Skin, (Back)Wings, Tiara, Ring, Eyes

- Phoenix Set
Staff, Wings, Flame Top, Flame Hair 1, Flame Hair 2, Flame Spear, Flame Headwings, Flame Tail, Burning Eyes, Burning Lips

- Vampire Set
Top, Sword, BG, Hair

- Panda Set
Top, Ears, Balloon, Pin, BG, Skin, Scarf

- Ice Set
Wings, Gem, Shoulderplates, Lips, Headwings, Staff, Tail


- Mythical Horse
Eyes, Horn, Tail, Ears, Tattoo

- Valentine Set
Garment, Hairpin

- Leaf Set
Robe, Dragon, Wings

- Seafolk Set
Wings, BG, Scales, Top, Hairclip, Fishtail, Ears

- Sheep Set
Ears, Sheep, BG, Scarf, Skin

- Luna Set
Staff, Facepaint, BG, Ring, Hair, Top, Eyes

- Circus Set

- Peacock Set
Robe, Gloves, Border, Tiara

- Clouds Set
Hair 2, Staff

- Strawberry Set
Hairclip, Eyes, Border/Frame, Cape, Bag, Lips

- Leviathan Set
Corset, Tail, Ears, Horns, Skin, Mandible Growth


- Athena Set
Cloak, Aegis, Owl, Columns

- Steampunk Set
Coat, Hat, Brooch, Watch

- Wonderland Set
Alice Hair, Cheshire Tail, Queen of Hearts Scepter, Queen of Hearts Eyes

- Sakura Set
Short Hair, Long Hair

- Amphisbaena Set
Tiara, Staff, Tail, Pet

- Victorian Set
Dress, Male Hair, Fan

- Good or Evil Set

- Vintage Rose Set
Sash, Hair

- Sky Set
Armwarmers, Sash, Headpiece, Ribbon, Brooch, Eyes, Curtain

- Valkyrie Set
Earrings, Ears, Wings

-Cat Set
Coffee: Collar, Hair, Tail
Turquoise: Hair, Ears, Tail

- Frost Saint Set
Crown, Skin


- Golden Seraph Set
Hair, Staff, Lower/Middle/Upper Wings, Skin

- MooMoo Set

- Bastet Set

- Libra Set

- Starry Night Set
Star, BG


- Kirin Set
Top, Hair, Antlers, Eyes, Horn

- Autumn Flowers Set
Collar, Robe, Sash, Long Hair, Wristlet


- Rainbow Set
Ribbon, Crayon, Mantra

- Heart's Desire Set
Hat, Wig (Turquoise)

- Dragon Lair Set
Corslet, Staff, Eyes, Tail, Wings, Treasure

- Long Mu Set
Robe, Crown, Tiara, Eyes


- Ganguro Set
Eyes, Skin, Stars and Hearts

- Sleeping Beauty Set
Dress, Roses, Spindle, Blush, Mouth, Castle

- Pisces Set
Eyes, Sign, Tail, Background, Bubbles

- Stone Gargoyle Set
Horns, Skin, Cathedral

- Anubis Set
Was Scepter, Ears, Eyes, Skin, Hieroglyphics

- Piratesse Set
Top, Hair, Hairclip

- Cancer Set
Eyes, Lips, Pet, Background

- Swan Queen Set
Dress, Hair, Extensions, Tiara, Tail, Pet, Angry Pet

- Purple Mage Set
Robe, Hair, Hat, Spell

- Peridot Set
Hair, Eyes

- Red Riding Hood Set

- Shiva Set
Eyes, Skin


- Capricorn Set
Robe, Hair, Ears, Horns, Background

- Dark Angel Set
Hair, Headwings

- Cowboy Set
Hat, Lasso, Eyes

- Sweet Lolita Set
Hair, Lolly, Eyes, Lips

- Amethyst Set
Robe, Ribbon, Hair, Tiara, Skin, Wings, Frame

- Dark Butterfly Set
Top, Hair, Eyes, Headwings, Wings, Background, Border

- Princess Xin Set
Robe, Headpiece, Brooch, Eyes, Lips, Tattoo, Background

- Leo Set
Robe, Ears, Nose, Sign, Background

- Takeshita Dori Set
Armwarmers, Top, Hair, Hairbun, Hairclip, Cellphone, Eyes, Background

- Lace Agate Set
Robe, Hair, Sword, Eyes, Lips, Wings, Border

- Water Spirit Set
Top, Hair, Ears, Fins, Skin, Tail, Background


- Dark Knight Set
Top, Eyes, Wings

- Inari Okami Set
Haori, Hair, Mask, Facemark, Tail, Torii

- Neat Nurse Set
Dress, Hair, Patch, Syringe, Pills

- Puppy Love Set
Collar, Hair, Eyes, Mouth, Skin

- Thyiades Set
Top, Hair, Staff, Wings

- Artemis Set
Circlet, Bow, Deer

- Maneki Neko Set
Hair, Eyes

- Horus Set
Robe, Hair, Headcloth, Sceptre, Beak, Eyes, Wings, Background

- Cherubim Set
Eyes, Lower Wings, Pet, Background

- Oktoberfest Set
Top, Freckles


- Hippocampi Set
Top, Wings, Tail, Headwings, Ears, Background

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 Post subject: Re: B>FC & some items.x)
Post Posted: Jun 22nd, '11, 15:54    


A dozen of items

Rawring Taters
Doughnight '10 Armlet

Miss Black Diamond
Summer '10 Antenna, Queen of Hearts Dress

Ivory Lily
Vicious Voodoo Skin

Earth Gen 15 & Summer '13

:qh: I can't ever thank you enough :qh:

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 Post subject: Re: B>FC & some items.x)
Post Posted: Jun 22nd, '11, 17:31    

Currently don't have that much food
Will try to collect some though it might take a while.

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 Post subject: Re: B>FC & some items.x)
Post Posted: Jun 22nd, '11, 18:22    

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Ah I see, thanks for the fast reply though! ^^

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      [Pity if the Rain won't pour.]

 Post subject: Re: B>FC & some items.x)
Post Posted: Jul 3rd, '11, 10:29    

Updated & bump.~

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 Post subject: Re: B>FC & some items.x)
Post Posted: Jul 4th, '11, 17:25    

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Hi! I can sell you my Halloween '10 Black set for 20k, Valentine '11 set for 2k, and Halloween '10 Werewolf and Zombie set for 4k each if you want. :)

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