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 Post subject: Re: Vertigo {Tinker Bell & Ambarsariya}
Post Posted: Jan 8th, '20, 20:57    

Tinker Bell
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He wasn't going to be there. Maybe it would be easier for Tae to get the choreography. After all, his would likely be the hardest to learn. It always was. He glanced behind him again, as if waiting for Lain to appear out of a doorway. He didn't.

"Okay." Tae focused on walking where they were going. If Lain couldn't learn it fast enough, it would fall on Tae to help him learn. It always fell on Tae. Then again, Lain always helped him with the vocals, so it was a fair trade.

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 Post subject: Re: Vertigo {Tinker Bell & Ambarsariya}
Post Posted: Jan 11th, '20, 13:53    

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The photoshoot wasn't as unpleasant as Lain expected it to be. He didn't have to wait for his turn while his other members were photographed. Thus, he was able to finish his shoot immediately after getting ready for it with the styling and makeup. Although he had to pose, pose, and pose again for around half an hour, there were minimum touch-ups and he was quite sure he wouldn't have to be positioned again for retakes. Sure enough, when the photographer went through the shots he had taken, he found a handful of good ones to make the cut. Lain thanked the studio for their hard work, and then he was on his way.

He went back to the dorm first, because there was no way he was going to go to practice with makeup turning stickier as he sweated. He showered, changed and then was off again.

He checked the time as he entered the building that had their practice room, but couldn't really estimate how far everyone would be into learning their new song going just by the time that had passed. Their learning speed tended to vary widely with the kind of song they were doing, and sometimes they faced unexpected hurdles, or picked things up more easily than they'd have thought.

Lain burst into the practice room, put his water bottle and towel down and said, "Sorry I'm late!"

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 Post subject: Re: Vertigo {Tinker Bell & Ambarsariya}
Post Posted: Jan 11th, '20, 16:56    

Tinker Bell
The dance they were learning was harder than for their last comeback, so it was taking longer. Even got Tae some of the moves were trickier to get. They had completed about a third of the song by the time Lain had burst into the room. They had been talking a short break, mostly to get some water.

Tae finished his drink as Lain came in, his eyes went to the door. He wasn't too late, so he wouldn't have too much to catch up on. Tae was definitely more awake than when Lain saw him last, dancing always woke him up. It was mostly moving his body that did it.

Tae sent a small smile Lain's way before taking one more sip of water.

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 Post subject: Re: Vertigo {Tinker Bell & Ambarsariya}
Post Posted: Jan 13th, '20, 14:00    

Lain had come in during a water break. Everyone turned around at his grand entrance. Lain should have sought the gaze of the choreographer to gauge his attitude towards him, but for some reason he looked at Tae first. Tae gave him a tiny smile before going back to his bottle. Lain felt comforted and encouraged just from that small gesture.

Ju-Kan nodded at him, Haneul waved- sort of, and the choreographer, with his hands on his hips, looked stern, but not pissed.

Lain walked towards the group. "How much did I miss?"

"It's taking us ages," whined Haneul, sliding down against the wall.

"We're still at the one-minute mark," nodded Ju-Kan.

"Fortunately for you," said the choreographer. Lain couldn't detect any snideness in his tone, but he still bowed hurriedly.

"I'll pick up from where you've all left off, and learn the first minute later. Not going to hold you all back," said Lain.

"We've still got to practice the first minute, so you might as well familiarise yourself with it now, although you'll have to practice it properly later," shrugged Ju-Kan. Lain nodded gratefully.

The choreographer clapped their hands, moving to the center of the room. "End of break. Come into formation again!" While everyone shuffled into their positions, the choreographer showed him where to stand, between Tae and Haneul. They'd probably had to practice while keeping a space for him, so as not to mess up the formation despite his absence. Lain felt sorry, but at least it hadn't been for long, and he was here now.

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 Post subject: Re: Vertigo {Tinker Bell & Ambarsariya}
Post Posted: Jan 14th, '20, 00:57    

Tinker Bell
Tae put his water bottle down. He walked back to formation and took his starting position. Thankfully, they danced in sync for a bit, so Lain could follow them for a bit.

Part of Tae hoped that Lain wouldn't catch on. He used to love helping Lain learn the dances. Then he remembered that things were still be a little awkward between them. So maybe that wasn't the best thing right now.

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