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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 Search (always open)
Post Posted: Feb 4th, '19, 21:11    

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I think that would be fun! I actually haven’t looked too much into the relationships between the elves and the Ents. I think it would be really fun to learn more about it! I’m interested in the healing abilities of elves using spiritual and herbal remedies. I have an elf OC whose a healer. I am also very fascinated by their relationship with nature and animals.

Lol I don’t know the language either; I just know is few phrases. I learned the Tengwar alphabet, but not the language. I think sticking to English is best too!

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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 Search (always open)
Post Posted: Feb 5th, '19, 00:59    

Akili Li
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So.... now that's settled... what's next? Since this isn't a collaborative story as much as open-ended game, we don't actually plot it all out ahead, do we? Or, do we? This is where I start getting lost.

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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 Search (always open)
Post Posted: Mar 6th, '19, 23:22    


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Hi I'm known as Starbuckz on here you can call me Star or whatever.

I have OCs for all of these i'd love to try out into a storyline. If you wish to do more than one with me, I can handle that. I prefer bios but they are not necessary. Also I can control many characters at once including canons & ocs. As well as different genders or non-genders. Not all my OCs fall for someone and if they do they don't show it much. I will tell you a tad about each OC in case you want to do that fandom.

All OCs of mine can easily switch genders. They'd have the same looks and personality like a twin however they wind up just being a different gender.

Teen Titans

*I have a couple (one that gets with Slade Wilson and help him defeat the titans in an odd way)
*One that looks like a child (or doll) but you'd really have to watch out for. Though she starts as a hero she is on the fine line between it. "Walk away and shrug" is her attitude.
*One that falls for Cyborg - this is still in the making.
*One that falls for Raven or Starfire.
*One that joins the HIVE and this one later down the road falls for robin.
Avatar: The Last Airbender

*An OC that doesn't fall for anyone. Just want to test her abilities out and explore. Energy bending (not water, earth, air or fire). This is like electricity bending in a way. But not connected to fire. Like psychic in a way. Not an avatar.
*An OC that is like the first one but falls for Zuko (despite may being there).
*A good OC falls for Azula right about the time her reign kicks in or liked or before but stayed out of the inner group.
*This specific OC falls for General Iroh but more in a sweet platonic way.
Legend of Korra

* An OC that falls for no one but wants to befriend the team of korra. (this has ties to my first OC in the (Avatar: The Last airbender that can energy bend).
* An OC that falls Bolin.
* An OC that does fall for Mako.
* I have an OC that falls for...oh what's his name...Tahno AFTER he loses his powers and realizes he may never get them back. (Though later he gets healed one way or another and does - my oc or korra heals him, one of the two.)
* An OC that later on falls for...Baatar Jr (the one that joined up with Kuvira to destroy the spirit world)
Harry Potter

* An OC that falls for Fred W. (she has an interesting background but is in Slytherin House)
* An OC that falls for Malfoy when he gets older and tries to help him through hardships. Even tries to get Malfoy and Potter to become friends before the war.
* An OC that falls for Hermione.

* An OC that falls for Bankotsu. Kinda childish her name is Katana (I must re design her)
* An OC that wants to explore the world with the team but her problem is which side is she on?
* An OC that falls for Naraku (don't ask, it would be explained later on down the road)
* And an OC that falls for Koga.
* Of course one falls for Sesshomaru.

* An OC that can fall for: Lee, Kakashi, Gai, Gaara, Kankuro, Sakura, Shino, Shikamaru, and Itachi, Sasori, or Kisame.
* The one OC that falls for no one.
Ouran High School Host Club

* A female OC pretending to be male to join the school on purpose. She crushes on Mori Senpai.
* A female OC that plays female and hates it but is one of the smarter females that tries to get Kyoya's attention. Later tries to dress as male so it would help the Host Club get more money.
* A male OC that dresses as female but crushes on Mori (don't ask).
* An OC that crushes on no one but finds it fun to mess with the Host Members.

I may have an idea for ouran host, possibly inuyasha, maybe harry potter, and dunno about the other ones.

if you have a craving ask. I can play just about anyone and attempt whoever. Genders are not a problem for me.

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 Post subject: Re: 1x1 Search (always open)
Post Posted: Mar 7th, '19, 19:35    

Hi Starbuckz, thanks for replying.

I have a few OCs for some of those fandoms. I can give you a short description of them to see which you’d like to work with? If any interest you, I can give you a full bio upon request.

For Teen Titans, I have an inter-dimensional being. Her name is Val’kyr. I had her paired with Raven, but gets along pretty well with everyone given her laid back personality.

In Avatar, I have two characters. One is called Xingxi and she is a late bloomer in terms of bending. She is an earth bender, though her abilities did not present themselves until later in life. I think she would be best paired with Aang or Katara due to her gentle disposition

The other’s name is Hanaya. She is a non-bender with a stubborn personality. She has a lot of pent up aggression that she uses to her advantage when in combat. I see her falling for Toph or Sokka. Both of these Avatar OCs can be used for Legend of Korra, though their backstories will be slightly altered.

As for Harry Potter, I have one OC names Solaria. She’s a muggle born girl who will be sorted into Hufflepuff. She is incredibly quiet and insecure and has trouble making friends, preferring to stay by herself. However, to those who have made it a point to speak with her and be kind, she is grateful and loyal. If anyone, I could see her possibly developing feelings for Luna, because of Luna’s emotional intelligence.

For the Inuyasha fandom, I created a half-demon named Chuya. She doesn’t have much experience with other people, not having much of a place with humans or demons. Nevertheless, through the years, she learned how to make medicines from a Miko who frequented the forest she resided in. She enjoys caring for sick and injured people, so she may be compatible with Inuyasha.

I have a bunch of OCs for Naruto, but the one I’ve developed most is Yamai. She has a twin sister named Rama, and a lot of their ninja skills are dependent on one another. It’s a strength, but also a huge weakness. During battle, her twin sister is killed, and she is struggling with finding her own way and getting over the loss of her other half. I thought she might go well with Itachi, Gaara, or Neji.

And last but not least, my Ouran OCs are two of my most developed. I’ve had them for years and love them dearly. The first one’s name is Thalia. Given her personality, I’d say she would be most compatible with Kaoru, Haruhi, or Honey. She’s reserved but kind and fun-loving. Her journey to the host club is mostly out of the desire to make a friend after what happened with her last “friend.”

The other Ouran OC is Yaisei. She has some personal demons that she is battling with. Because of happpenings in her younger years, she harbors a lot of guilt and has a very strong concern for those she considers close. She never tried to make friends, and thus didn’t have any, but I was thinking that she would somehow meet a host outside of the club, to which they invite her to visit. That would most likely be how she gets involved with the members. She would probably be paired with Kaoru.

If you think you can work with any of the OCs, let me know and I can give you a more detailed description of their appearance, history, and personality.

I am also open to more than one RP. So if more than one OC interests you, that is more than fine!

Thanks again~

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