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 Post subject: ❄ Icey's Artsy Hangout [Giveaway Active]
Post Posted: Dec 12th, '18, 04:25    

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Joined: Nov 14th, '18, 03:00
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Location: Chicago, IL
Hugs: 1364
Mood: Working on Commissions
Rawr Everybody!
(If you don't speak dinosaur I feel bad for you son)

My Name is Ice.
You may Call me Ice or Icey

I'm going to make this my permanent Hangout thread.
I made this thread to Hangout Make some new friends, and make some :food:
but you may catch me in here talking to myself
(what can I say? i'm a crazy person xD)
Feel free to jump in! Say something Random!
Let's have a shouting match! PANCAKES! WAFFLES! (<-- see? crazy xD)

~❄~ A Short About Me ~❄~

I'm Black, I'm Goth and I'm a Vampire.
In the posts below there will be links to some important things
and I will also put a little info about me in spoilers
since I usually have so many things in common with people
You can use ctrl +f on your browser to find key words
you may be looking for in a friend
or just to talk about such as Art, Chicago,
Gaia Online, LGBTQ+ ect.
Post Number 5 will Contain my basic agenda for the day.
There maybe more things that are not on the agenda
such as chores but mostly it contains what I will be doing
on the computer today.

Here you are free.
Here you can be as weird and random as you want to be.
There's rules but there's still room to be yourself.
These rules are for everyone to be comfortable and feel stress free
Hope you all enjoy the hang out and make a lot of :food: ^w^

❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄

~❄~ Current Thread Giveaways ~❄~

First one to Post on Page 25 gets 1 :fc:
If I'm first Post then the poster after me is the winner
No double or triple posting within the same day.
You may post once a day if no one else has posted since your last post.
Winner gets 1 :fc:
Good Luck! :qcute:

❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄ ❧ • ☙ ❄

~❄~ Hangout News ~❄~

I'm back! I ended up taking a hiatus
but I'm back and I'm drawing again
Currently working on commissions ღ - Ice

[align=center][color=#0080BF][i] Icey Post Here [/i][/color][/align]

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Post For Prizes in my Hangout

❄ Icey ❄ 25 ❄ GenderQueer ❄ DemiPan ❄ Polyam ❄

~ ❤ Hangout |Sketchbook | Material Shop ❤ ~

 Post subject: Re: ❄ Icey's Artsy Hangout [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post Posted: Dec 12th, '18, 04:31    

~❤~Table of Contents ~❤~

-Introdution- | -Giveaways- | -Hangout News-
-Table of Contents-
-Conversation Starters-
-Icey Art Agenda-
-Current WIP-
-Recently Completed Works-
-Icey Links-
-Hangout Status-

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 Post subject: Re: ❄ Icey's Artsy Hangout [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post Posted: Dec 12th, '18, 04:39    

~❤~ Rules~❤~
Common Sense wrote:

1. Don't be disrespectful or in any way a bucket of negative energy.

2. Follow KofK TOS

3. Don't argue! If some one is talking about politics or religion LET THEM! As long as they aren't forcing their opinions on you be chill. If you feel you can't deal change the subject or talk to some one else.

4. Don't be stupid! Don't troll, don't purposely mess with people. NO MEANS NO! 8V

5. If you're a couple (this includes myself) that's cool but not everyone is as in love with your SO as you are so chill with the PDA and don't be annoying

6. No Ranting and Raving! This one applies to every one. It's okay to vent or to get off topic but it's another to keep bringing conversations back to the same topic!
Example: No matter what any one says you keep pulling the conversation back to Goku vs. Superman for like 2 weeks. No one wants to talk to some one who does that, that's obsessive and annoying.

7. Don't stalk some one! If they ignored you multiple times leave them alone.

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 Post subject: Re: ❄ Icey's Artsy Hangout [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post Posted: Dec 12th, '18, 04:43    

~❤~ Conversation Starters ~❤~

Don't know what to say?
Here are some things you may have in common
with me that can help you! Scroll through to find a conversation starter.

Spoiler: ► Physical/Mental Disabilities ◀
I know this may seem weird to put this here
but I want to let people know up front that I have
both Mental and Physical illnesses that affect my every day life.
Some times people come to me trying to use their illnesses
as an excuse for their actions or behavior
I want to let you know that Mental illness is not an excuse for crappy behavior
However, it can be an explanation.
In other words having mental illness doesn't mean
I will let you get away with being a butt
but it does explain to me that you may not think
or feel the same as others
Just be aware of yourself and try to treat people
with decency and respect
If you at least try I can see myself forgiving you
Secondly, I want to let people know
I have mental illnesses because I want them to feel
comfortable enough to talk to me about their own issues
and know that they aren't alone in the world
I have been suicidal. I have also reached a point
where I have been able to talk suicidal people down
from an episode. If you are having a mood swing
of some kind and you want to talk to me, even if
we have never spoke before I am here to talk to you ^w^

As for my physical illness, I have stage 3 Hidradenitis Suppurativa, asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes
and so much other stuff wrong with me omg xD
If you too, have an illness that affects your
quality of life and you want to discuss it feel free.
It may be difficult but everyone needs a support system.
You may PM me if it's a private matter and feel free to ask me any questions about my own conditions.

Spoiler: ► Art ◀
Here's My Instagram & Facebook
All I will say here is that I've been making digital art
since 2013 and started off using nothing but a mouse for years.
I went to school for video animation and computer science.
I used to view art as a combination of shapes
so that it doesn't intimidate me as much to draw xD
I've also dabbled in other things (crocheting, plastic lanyard weaving, sewing, braiding, beading)
If you have any crafts you enjoy
Or have any questions feel free to talk to me about it ^w^

Spoiler: ► Writing◀
Yes, I draw but my true calling is writing.
The writing talent does run in my family and
I believe that my writing is exceptional
I don't post a lot of it online because lack of copyright.
Over the years tho I got really sick both physically and mentally
and it was hard to form sentences and express myself
If you are, however, interested in some of my writing I can show you some when you talk to me

Spoiler: ► Music◀
So yes I listen to Rock and dubstep
but believe me I listen to all Sorts of music
I am open to all different types
Send me suggestions? Playlist?
Maybe we can swap?
If you CREATE music I can promote you
and possibly play your music in my next stream

Spoiler: ► LGBTQ+ ◀
I'm gonna keep this one short.
I'm Demisexual , Panromantic and Polyamorous.
I have lots of friends in the LGBTQ+ Community so
if you guys wanna discuss LGBTQ+ lemme know!
I'm always looking for Ace Peeps to eat Cake with
And poly peeps to discuss unicorns with xD

Spoiler: ► Chicago ◀
I live in Chicago
I was born and raised here
If anyone wants to talk about Chicago
because you have questions or
because you also live near then go ahead
but I really don't have much else to say about it on my own
other than I love meeting people that are on the same
games or websites as me that are from Chicago
because then I know we have things in common xD
A lot of people I know have left Chicago
I don't have many IRL friends :(

Spoiler: ► Gaia Online◀
I have been there since 2008
I am sick of the way Gaia is treating their users
and I was looking for an outlet
I thought for sure that Gaia may even close down
due to them losing the only MMO they had
A lot of people left and I still don't trust them
so I started seeking out other sites similar to it
BUT the things I really liked about Gaia are:
-zOMG (the MMO)
-Art (being able to buy Art and explore art in general)

Spoiler: ► Vindictus ◀
Vindictus is just awesome!
It's a Really fun MMORPG and the best one I can find yet
I love playing MMOs so yea
But I must warn you it's hard on the system
and because I have almost no one to play with on there
I don't play as often any more
Click link? it's also available on steam
if you play talk to me about it!

Spoiler: ► Skull Girls ◀
SkullGirls is one of if not my favorite fighting game
I play it on steam on my computer
My steam link is above you can add me if you want to
It's also on Mobile!!! OMG MUST HAVE! DO WANT!
*breathes heavily*

Spoiler: ► Kingdom of Knuffel ◀
I was invited to this site after fleeing Gaia
I joined in November of 2014 and I love it
the only things I don't like are:
-Not enough games
-Some sub treads aren't specific enough
-No blocking available

Spoiler: ► Star Wars: The Old Republic- SWTOR ◀
Also I am noob at SWTOR
My friends who played with me have since stopped playing
but it was kind of interesting
I'd go back and maybe invest money
if I had a good reason to

Spoiler: ► Meep ◀

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 Post subject: Re: ❄ Icey's Artsy Hangout [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post Posted: Dec 12th, '18, 04:50    

~❄~ Art Agenda ~❄~

1. dogwalker_badass Image Image
2. SilverStallionRanch Image Image
3. MissMijo Image Image
4. BonnyLassMinty Image Image

Redraw list
Knuffel ideas

❧ Progress Guide ☙

0% - Image
10% - Image
25% - Image
50% - Image
75% - Image
100% - Image

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 Post subject: Re: ❄ Icey's Artsy Hangout [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post Posted: Dec 12th, '18, 05:04    

~❄~My Current WIP~❄~

Silver Stallion Ranch Commission
Line Art

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 Post subject: Re: ❄ Icey's Artsy Hangout [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post Posted: Dec 12th, '18, 06:13    

~❄~My Last Completed Work~❄~

Twitch Raffle Winner
2019 Season 01
Date: November 12th, 2019

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 Post subject: Re: ❄ Icey's Artsy Hangout [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post Posted: Dec 12th, '18, 06:19    

Useful Links
These links are mostly for my own reference :qhehe:
They may or may not be useful to you

❄ Icey's Material Shop
❄ Icey's Art Gallery
❄ Icey's Sketchbook
❄ Icey's Knuffel
❄ Icey's Quest Log

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 Post subject: Re: ❄ Icey's Artsy Hangout [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post Posted: Dec 12th, '18, 06:22    

~❄~ Icey's Knuffels ~❄~
A few of my Knuffels I just wanted to show off


~❄~ Icey's Clickables ~❄~
Clicky the Dragons and eggs everyday and then post that you have done so.
Get 100 :food: Per click post. You must post every time you clicked all the dragons and eggs or else we won't know it was you. If you don't click the dragons will die. No seriously o-o
User who has the most clicks gets 2k :food: When the eggs hatch!


~❄~ Your Knuffels ~❄~
I will place your Knuffels here if you like. Be it a few you want to advertise or a link to all of them.

~❄~ Tiffbue's Clickables ~❄~

ImageImage Image Image

~❄~ Lady River's Clickables ~❄~

Image Image
Tiny Egg
Dragon Page

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 Post subject: Re: ❄ Icey's Artsy Hangout [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post Posted: Dec 12th, '18, 06:29    

~❄~Hangout Status~❄~
❧ Hangout is Currently Open for posting
Updated as of 22/11/2019

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