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OLD THREAD - Please Delete
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Author:  Jiuly_TheBlackCat [ Jan 14th, '10, 17:54 ]
Post subject:  OLD THREAD - Please Delete

[align=center]:qstar: I've Made a new until this post isn't deleted please click the link below :qstar:


so.. Welcome to see my knuffels! :3
Feel free to sit and take a cup of Tea with us! :3
* i have chocolate cookies too :qw: *
:food: :food:

Quick Menù:

:fc: - New Thread

Author:  Jiuly_TheBlackCat [ Jan 14th, '10, 17:58 ]
Post subject:  Let's meet owr guest...

Let's take a Cup of tea with the "MadHatter":


Free Knuffel:

Name: Jiulia ; Gender: Female
Info & Mood: Jiulia was my HP-rpg character. she was somehow a "better-myself". she's obviously a wizard and she quite stubborn and curious.

Sold Knuffel:


Name: Ina-chan ; Gender: Female
Info: named so for my dear firend Ina that always so cute..and.. somehow look like her :qcute:

Old forum-Knuffel:

Name: Kuro Broken_Reiko ; Gender: Male (Gay)
Info & Mood: Reiko is a mine gaia-dear friend too. he's really gentle and kind and with a big heart. He's quite shy but touch his dear and he would hit you! :qw:

Author:  Jiuly_TheBlackCat [ Jan 14th, '10, 19:34 ]
Post subject:  Friends Seats

"Aggiungi un posto a tavola se c'è un amico in più..."
Add a chair if a friend is comeing..


Name: Emeraldjiul ; Gender: Female ; Owner: Inarion
I'm so happy.. Inarion named this knuffel Emeraldjiul as a fusion of emerald Jiuly :3 yay! me have a friend named knuffel too! :D isn't too cute?!?

Name: Jordius ; Gender: Male ; Owner: Inarion
that would be remain between us.. name based on real best "friend" of Inarion... isn't she too a cute girl?!? :mclaugh:

Name: Tina ; Gender: Female ; Owner: Inarion
named as Inarion's mum >w< i love this knuffel.. unluckyly couldn't had enought fp to bought it in time :mcsleepy:


Please.. feel free to take a cake and be gentle, giveing one to owr knuffels too!


Author:  inarion [ Jan 14th, '10, 20:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Jiuly's Knuffels TeaRoom

Heh, thank you too, for naming one of yours with my full name:3 :qh:

Author:  Jiuly_TheBlackCat [ Jan 14th, '10, 20:14 ]
Post subject:  Cheshire-thoughts... that means... sillyness ruled my brain

"Happy not-Birthday to me and an Happy not-Birthday to you.."
or.. the knuffels i would like to have but i miss/haven't.. a Dream list somehow :P

- Lord Wuffel feedable doll Image
- Ehlenia fedale doll Image
- cat/humancat feedale doll
- witch/vampire feedale doll
- angel feedable doll (as old-forum angel knuffel)
- moon feedable doll
- star feedale doll

more or less is just to waste my cheshire-time :P

Author:  Jiuly_TheBlackCat [ Jan 14th, '10, 20:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Jiuly's Knuffels TeaRoom

inarion wrote:
Heh, thank you too, for naming one of yours with my full name:3 :qh:

^w^ well.. i thought to call her ina-cahn.. but then.. was undecided.. and choosed the fully name :P

and... it'ssss a pleasssssure ^w^
*hugs you back*

i think that relate friends names-nicks to knuffel make them more dear in my opinion :D
I really liked your jordy too! :DD

Author:  inarion [ Jan 14th, '10, 21:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Jiuly's Knuffels TeaRoom

Thanks, Jiuly... they`re really dear :qh: After some days, I`ll have a real birthday:P

I`ll feed/play with them a little:)

Author:  Jiuly_TheBlackCat [ Jan 16th, '10, 19:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Jiuly's Knuffels TeaRoom exciting! :D
and thanks a lot ^w^
i played with yours too :3

and.. added new darknes knuffel :D it would be owr dark lady i suppose XD

Author:  inarion [ Jan 16th, '10, 20:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Jiuly's Knuffels TeaRoom

Thanks Jiuly, will going to play with your too:P

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