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Fairy Coins () are thank you tokens handed out to Kingdom Of Knuffel members who decide to support us by donating to this site. They can be spent on exclusive items at the Treasure Trove.

The following donation methods are available:

PayPal donations can be sent both in US$ and €.

Each US$ 2.50 gives you 1 Fairy Coin.
Each € 1.90 gives you 1 Fairy Coin.

We prefer donations in € as PayPal charges us with less fees for donations in our own currency.
Your Fairy Coins will be transferred to your account within 24 hours after the donation gets confirmed through our PayPal account.
Fairy Coins: = Amount:

You are not logged in! The FC cannot be transferred to your account unless you're logged in.

If you are the owner of a bank account and live within the European Union you can transfer money within the EU for the same conditions as in your own country.

Each € 1.60 gives you 1 Fairy Coin.

Please contact Firn via Private Message for IBAN and BIC codes needed for this transaction.
Don't forget to give your username as reference on the transfer.

We accept cash donations sent through the post.

We can only accept € (Euro) as currency. The minimum amount is € 5.00, giving you 3 Fairy coins.

We are not responsible for any losses in the post and advice to send cash via registered mail only.
Please don't send coins, but bills folded into a paper with your username written on it. We do not accept checks.
Send cash donations to:

Monika Baumbach
Am Petrus 3
69221 Dossenheim

Head over to the to see what items you can obtain with Fairy Coins.
Except for the Monthly Treasures, each item or set stays in the Treasure Trove for 12 weeks.
All sets consist of multiple items and are separable.

All users who donate a total of the equivalent of 20 Fairy Coins or more within a month
are additionally awarded a special Queen's Gift item!
This month's Queen's Gift Item is:

Victorian Wedding Dress (Gold)



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