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2009-07-30 17:25:01
4.6 Hearts (94 votes)
Sqall and Rinoa:)

inarion - (2009-07-30 17:25:01):
This`s a scan of the pic! The other one was photo made with my GSM:P
inarion - (2009-08-07 14:48:29):

Cynde - (2009-08-04 17:54:22):
It's SOOO beautiful!! Really GREAT!!

inarion - (2009-08-02 12:54:15):
Thanks, Kuroneko-chan:3 I think that if you do`t stop wanting that, one they and your art`ll become more professional;)

kuroneko-chan - (2009-08-01 07:50:42):
you'r really a pro!!! wish My own drawings looked that good X3

inarion - (2009-07-31 09:04:34):
Thanks:3 Yeap, I used a color pencils, and the black one is exactly for making a graphic pictures^^

Dark_moon - (2009-07-30 21:46:50):
WOW! That's so pretty! I love the effects and the gradients of colors you used in this one. Did you use pencil?



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